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where this Program will be saved .
Usually "C:/My Documents" (remember the name !! )
(4) Click on "save" again !!
(5) Enter the Folder "C:/My Documents"
and click on "" to extract the File.
(6) Important !! :
Before you unzip the Program ,
correct the name of the Folder in the Dialog-Box
from "C:/My Documents" to "C:/Math1" ( or any other name ! ).
(7)Enter the Folder "C:/Math1" and click on "Ago.bat" to run the Program !!
(8) Exit Programs : Press the "Windows Flag" on your Keyboard !
Press the Left Side of your Mouse.
Instruct Windows to close the Program !!
You may also use : "Ctrl" + "C" !!
(9) Be sure that you have downloaded the " Whole Program"
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Manual :
Complete List of all downloadable Programs:
Algebra, Geometry , Calculators ,
Vectors, Matrices & Determinants,
Function Programs and Games !
All our Programs are Color Coded
to improve Memory and Comprehension !
Please download this Program to be informed about our 45 Programs !
229 KB
File name
Fractions :
Reduction , Highest Common Factor ,
Least Common Multiple ,Mixed Numbers ,
Proportions , Elementary Operations:
Addition and Subtraction ,
Multiplication and Division .
Distance Problems ,
Color Coded System !!!
295 KB
Fractions-2 :
Additional Drill Program
for Fraction Reduction and Mixed Numbers !
Color Coded System !!!
#Fractions -2
150 KB
Polynomial Division :
Many Students know to multiply Polynomials,
but have NO Idea how to divide !!
Division is Most Important !!
Here are many Examples with detailed Color Coded Solutions !
Enjoy the Colors and see how they help your Memory !!
This Program should convince Educators , that Mathematics
without the Color System is " a Waste of Time !!"
126 KB
Power Drill :
This is the Ultimate Program to teach you
Natural, Integer, Rational , Irrational
and Complex Exponents.
Many Exercises with detailed Solutions !
Color Coded System !
The Program test your knowledge and
calculates your Score !!!
A MUST for every Student !
174 KB
Exponential Equations :
Integer Exponential Equations,
Rational Exponential Equations,
Rules , Definitions and solved Excercises - detailed Explanations !
This is only a small Part of our "Algebra Teacher" Program waiting for YOU !
Color Coded System !!!
139 KB
Direct and Inverse Proportions
Download this beautiful Color Coded Program
with many Exercises and detailed Solutions !
Fraction and Percentage Problems , easy and advanced !!!
Enjoy the Colors and see how they help your Memory !!
157 KB
Implicit Function Solver :
Enter two Implit Functions :
(1) x^3 + y^3 - x^2 + y-10 = 0
(2) -2x^3 + y^2 + x - y - 1 = 0
The Program will give you the Graphic Solutions !
Now enter the Graphic Solutions into the Optimalization
Program to obtain an Accuracy of 20 Digits !!!
158 KB
Optimalization Program :
Enter two Implit Functions :
(1) x^3 + y^3 - x^2 + y-10 = 0
(2) -2x^3 + y^2 + x - y - 1 = 0
Enter the Graphic Solutions you obtained
from the previous Program.
The Optimalization
Program will improve the Solutions to an Accuracy of 20 Digits !!!
Attention !!!
To repeat Intersection Calculations , please enter "r" !!
48 KB
Function Explorer : New Version !!!
Can you solve those Implicit Equations ( Intersections of Graphs):
(1) x^3+y^5-2=0
(2) x^3+y^3-xy-y^2=0
I am sure you can NOT - nobody can solve them !
You may guess : x=1 and y=1 but there is a second Solution !!!
The Second Solution obtained by Program "Optim" is :
x = 0.206729212971054 and y = 1.147681684293732
If you guess these Numbers , you may win all the Lotteries !!!
Well, our Function Explorer will solve them
and show you many exciting Graphs !
Our New Version includes 20 Examples with detailed Explanations !!
The Program will solve 40 Pairs of Equations , most of them
can NOT be solved without Computers.
Only Computers equipped with Proper Programs
are able to solve such Equations !
This Program includes our Implicit Function Calculator !
Attention!! To repeat Intersection Calculations , please enter "r" !!
Important : To run the "Function Explorer" you have to click
on File "Imp.exe" !!! To view the Examples , click on "Ago.bat".
167 KB
Shortest Distance Calculator :
Enter two Functions (Polynomial Functions and their Square Roots)
which are NOT intersecting, and the Program will calculate
the x-Coordinates of two nearest Points !
Example 1 :
The Parabolas:
(1) y = x*x-8*x+17 and (2) y = -x*x
have two nearest Points : A(3.317,1.4655) belonging to (1)
and B(0.682,-0.4656) belonging to (2)
The Functions:
(1) y = (x-2)^0.5 and (2) y = x
have two nearest Points : A(2.25,0.5) belonging to (1)
and B(1.375,1.375) belonging to (2)
45 KB
Shortest Distance Program :
This Program teaches you how to find two nearest Points
of two Functions .
The Program draws the Functions and shows the Coordinates
of the nearest Points.
It gives you a detailed explanation how to find the Points !
You may check these Computations with our Distance Calculator !!
The Distance Calculator is included in this Program and may be
activated by clicking on the "Calculator" File .
Please read the Instructions given above , relating to
the "Distance Calculator" Program !!!
116 KB
Optimalization Program for Polynomials:
Polynomial Root Calculator :
Enter any Polynomial (Maximum Degree 5)
and the Program will find its Roots
with an Accuracy of 15 Digits !

44 KB
Scientific Graphic Calculator - NEW !!
Scientific Graphic Calculator , Set-Operator,
and Function Drawing: YES !! This Program draws Functions while displaying x and y Coordinates with a 15 - Digit Accuracy !!! Something you wan't find elsewhere ! You control the drawing Speed with your Keyboard !!! The best Graphics and Accuracy you can get due to Turbo Pascal !! You may draw "forward" and even "backward" erasing Part of the Curve !! Futhermore you get the following Programs : Polynomial Equation Solver(Newton),Series Calculations and Addition ,
Complex Number
Calculations,(Read this : To take the third Root of a Complex
Number , enter 3, to raise a Complex Number to the Third Power ,
enter 0 for Root and 3 for Power .) Calculation of Integrals and Elliptic Functions ,
Factorization of 14-Digit Numbers,Solutions of Cubic Equations, Analysis of Implicit Second Degree Equations [draws Conics (Ellipse ,Hyperbola,Parabola and Lines!)],
Analysis of Linear Equations (3X3), Matrix and Determinant-Operations, Longmultiplication and Division (100 Digits!)
Vector Addition and Solutions for Equilibrium. Rotation of Lines and Planes in Space .
Rotation of Vectors , Cubes and Pyramids in Space .
Axis Rotation Counter and Coordinate Value Counter.
Rotate Vectors to create Mathematical Surfaces !!!
Parametric Equations of Lines and Planes.
Display of Algebraic and Graphic Solutions.
Expression Calculator:
controls different Expressions kept in Memory, Substitution of Variables,
Registration of 100 Calculations !
759 KB
General Equations of the Second Degree -NEW !!
Solutions of Implicit Second Degree Equations.
Enjoy this wonderful Program , rotating Ellipses,Parabolas
and Hyperbolas !!Enter an Implicit Second Degree Equation
and the Program will draw the specific Curve (Line,Parabola
Circle, Ellipse or Hyperbola)
The Program will teach you how to analyse an Implicit Second
Degree Equation and detect the Curve !!
Highly recommended for High School Students !!!
Color Coded System !
183 K.B.
Apollo - Game of Logic
359 KB
The "Penta" Game !!
Practise Permutations of 1,2,3,4,5.
This Number has 120 Permutations !
Change its Order by pressing the Arrows :
right , left, up, down on the Keyboard.
Now,try to re-arrange the original Number ( 1,2,3,4,5).
The Computer will help you by showing a "Roadmap".
This is an "Easy Variation" of the Hungarian Cube !!
22 KB
The "Septa" Game !!
For those who found the "Penta" Game too easy !!!
Practise Permutations of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.
This Number has 5040 Permutations !
Change its Order by pressing the Arrows :
right , left, up, down on the Keyboard.
Now,try to re-arrange the original Number ( 1,2,3,4,5,6,7).
The Computer will help you by showing a "Roadmap".
22 KB
"Amazing Curves"
This Program actually draws curves
produced by an Elastic Pendulum.

66 KB
"Amazing Curves-2"
This Program permits you to create your own Amazing Curves
by entering 10 Function Constants.

67 KB

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