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File name
Fractions :
Reduction , Highest Common Factor ,
Least Common Multiple ,Mixed Numbers ,
Proportions , Elementary Operations:
Addition and Subtraction ,
Multiplication and Division .
Distance Problems ,
Color Coded System !!!
295 KB
Algebra Tester: teaches and tests your knowledge !!
Integers ,Order of Operations,
Operations with Algebraic Expressions ,
Formulas ,Factorization, Substitutions ,
Signed Numbers , Linear and Quadratic Equations,
Integer and Rational Exponents ,Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions
Color Coded System !!
#Algebra Tester 
675 KB
Geometry :
Triangle Congruence, Parallel Lines,
Quadrilaterals :
Parallelogram, Rectangle, Rhombus,
Square, Kite, Trapezoid .
Circle :
Arcs,Chords,Central and Inscribed Angles, Tangents.
Similar Triangles, Theorems of Euclides ,Thales,Pythagoras, Apollonius and Ceva. Proportions and Areas.
Hundreds of Exercises with detailed Proofs !
Color System for improved Memory and Comprehension !
656 KB
Geometric Inequalities :
Triangle Inequalities, Right Triangles, Quadrilaterals . Many solved Problems - Color Coded System ! !
316 KB
Geometry Proof Tutor - A
Color System !!
#Proof Tutor - A
333 KB
Geometry Proof Tutor - B
Color System !!
#Proof Tutor - B
623 KB
Triangle Calculator *** NEW !!!
Draws Triangles ,Altitudes, Medians,
Angle Bisector , Perpendicular Bisector,
inscribed and circumscribed Circle.
Calculates Intersection Points with Sides
and Common Point of Intersection .
Triangles may be enlarged and moved
parallel to the Coordinate Axes .
Triangle Input according to :
(1) Three different Points.
(2) Side - Side -Side ( Length )
(3) Side - Angle - Side
(4) Angle - Side - Angle
(5) Side - Side - Angle
Any "Input Mistake" will be prevented
by the Computer !!!
Color Coded System !!!
218 KB
Differential Calculus
includes Calculus Drill Program
Color System !!
1.1 MB
Rational Functions :
Vertical , Horizontal and Oblique Asymptotes
of Rational Functions .
Many Problems solved in Detail !
Functions drawn , Coordinates displayed !
Color System !!
#Rational Functions
96 KB
Scientific Graphic Calculator - NEW !!
Scientific Graphic Calculator and Set-Operator,
Function Drawing, Equation Solver,Series Addition and Complex Number Calculations,Calculation of Integrals and Elliptic Functions ,
Factorization of 14-Digit Numbers,Solutions of Cubic Equations, Analysis of Implicit Second Degree Equations,Analysis of Linear Equations (3X3), Matrix and Determinant-Operations, Longmultiplication and Division (100 Digits!)
Vector Addition and Solutions for Equilibrium. Rotation of Lines and Planes in Space .
Rotation of Vectors , Cubes and Pyramids in Space .
Axis Rotation Counter and Coordinate Value Counter.
Rotate Vectors to create Mathematical Surfaces !!!
Parametric Equations of Lines and Planes.
Display of Algebraic and Graphic Solutions.
Expression Calculator:
controls different Expressions kept in Memory, Substitution of Variables,
Registration of 100 Calculations !
Note: You may improve the Accuracy
of the Integral Calculator by increasing
the Number of Intervals to 800,000.
Then you have to wait three Minutes
for the Computer to complete Calculations !
The Integral Calculator uses the same Functions
as the Calculator.
The List of Functions appears at the beginning
of the Calculator Program !
Why should you prefer our Calculator ???
Well,read this :
Example : Integral of tan(x) , x=0 to x=1.57 Radian
Casio Scientific Computer fx-991ES
Casio's Result = 7.135501016
Wolfram's Online Integrator = 7.1355
Our Scientific Calculator's Result = 7.135501010157078
11^100 ends up with "Math Error" using Casio
11^ 1000 has an answer with our Program !!!
Furthermore: Many of our Calculations are 10-times
faster than Casio's !!!
Well, what do you think ??
928 KB
Pythagorean Triple Calculator - New !
This Program finds Pythagorean Triples .
Enter any Number(n1)and this Program will complete the Job !
Enter 24 and the Program will complete this Triple : 24,18,30 and will look for other Triples with 24 : 24 , 10 , 26 and 24 , 7 , 25. Limit1 is the upper Limit of the first two Numbers. This can be as high as 20000. Or enter n1=12 and you will get : (12,9,15) ; (12,5,13) ; (12,16,20);(12,35,37). A great Help for Teachers wishing to write their own Text ! The Second Program finds Integer Sides for a 60 Degree Triangle.
Only one Angle is 60 Degrees !
The Third Program finds Integer Sides for a 120 Degree Triangle.
Enter "ex" or "e" to exit the Programs or press the "Windows Flag" on your Keyboard !!! *****************************************************************
22.7 KB
Gamma Function Program ! New !!!
Have you any Idea what 3.5! means ??
Well, here is the answer :
The value is given by the Gamma Function
best calculated by Gauss :
Gamma(x)= Limes [(n^x)*n!/ {x(x+1)(x+2)...(x+n)}
n goes to Infinity ( we used 10^8 steps)
Interesting is that Gamma(x+1) = x! for Integer x
Try the Program and find 3.5! = 11.6317...
You may compare our Accuracy with Wolfram
and find it amazing .
#Gamma Function !!
44 KB
Algebra Drill ! New !!!
Master "Algebra" with the " Color System " !!
Integers ,Order of Operations,
Operations with Algebraic Expressions ,
Formulas ,Factorization, Substitutions ,
Signed Numbers , Linear and Quadratic Equations,
Integer and Rational Exponents ,Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions,
Number Problems
Mathematical Dictionary ( Formula Finder )
#Algebra-Drill !!
631 KB
*** Linear Equations Drill Program **
This is the Complete Linear Equations Drill Program !!! .
The Program includes :
(1) Simple Linear Equations
(2) Linear Equations with Fractions
Enjoy the Color System and see how it helps
your "Working Memory" !!!
All Exercises explained and solved !!!
201 KB
*** Linear and Quadratic Equations **
System of Linear Equations .
The Program includes :
" Matrices and Determinants "
Many Problems explained and solved !!!
Enjoy the "Color System" !!
376 KB
*** Quadratic Equations with Fractions **
Algebraic and Graphic Solutions .
Detailed Color Coded Solutions.
97 KB
*** Parametric Equations **
Linear and Quadratic Equations
System of Linear Equations
Color Coded System !!
#Parametric Equations
262 KB
Modern Algebra :
Permutations,Combinations and Variations ,
Mappings , Functions ,
Introduction to Set Theory,
Groupoids and Groups.
Groups of Permutations.
Color Coded System !!!
#Modern Algebra
315 KB
Vectors :
Linear Dependence of Vectors , Lines and Planes ,
Parallel , Perpendicular and Skew Lines ,
Distance of Point from Plane ,
Parametric Equations of Lines and Planes ,
Scalar and Vector Products .
Orthogonal and Regular Rotations in Space
according to Euler's Angles.
Detailed Explanations of Euler's Equations
with many Examples !!
The Program includes " Matrices and Determinants "
Many Problems explained and solved !!!
829 KB
Analytic Plane Geometry :
Lines ,Parabolas ,Hyperbolas , Circles and Ellipses .
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines ,Coinciding Lines , Intersections ,
Tangents , Distance of Point from Line , Angle between Lines,
Angle Bisector of two Lines .
Many Problems explained and solved !
Color Coded System for improved Memory !
"Analytic Space Geometry" is included in our
" Vectors " Program .
Download our Program " Equations " !!!
for additional Problems referring to:
Lines , Parabolas , Hyperbolas and Ellipses .
291 KB
Advanced - Analytic Geometry - New !!
Advanced Problems for Matura Examinations.
All Problems have detailed Solutions.
Introduction includes Basic Analytic Geometry.
Some Analytic Problems are solved by the use of Vectors !
Color Coded System !!!
892 KB
Solid Geometry (Advanced Program):
Lines in Space , Planes , Angle between Lines and Planes ,
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines and Planes ,
Prisms , Pyramids ,Parallelopipeds,Calculation of Volumes.
Color Coded System with many Problems solved in Detail.
Recommended for Students preparing for Matura - Examinations.
166 KB
Algebra Problems - NEW !!!
Number Problems , Fraction Problems ,
Linear Motion Problems and Work Problems .
This Program includes "Advanced Motion Problems" !!
Many Problems solved in Detail !
Color Coded System !!
Exciting Graphics !!!
435 KB
Algebra Problems-2 - NEW !!!
This is the Ultimate
Problem - Drill - Program !
Fraction Problems
Decimal Problems
Percentage Problems
Elementary Equation Drill !!!
Color Coded System !!
Each Problem solved in Detail !
Exciting Graphics !!!
Level 6 - 10
277 KB
Age Problems - NEW !!!
These are Solutions of Mathematical Age Problems!
I do NOT intend to solve your personal Age Problems !
You solve these Problems to improve your Brain Performance !!!
Many Problems solved in Detail !
Color Coded System !!
118 KB
Mixture-Problems - NEW !!!
Advanced and Simple Problems ,
Mixture Calculator included ,
All Problems are Color Coded and completely
solved in Detail .
Enhanced Graphics !
206 KB
Color - Trigonometry - New !!
Triangles & Quadrilaterals.
Trigonometric Functions & Equations.
Trigonometric Formulas & Exercises.
Detailed Solutions !
Color Coded System !!!
452 KB
Advanced - Trigonometry - New !!
Advanced Problems for Matura Examinations.
All Problems have detailed Solutions.
Color Coded System !!!
408 KB
Trigonometric Equations - New !!
Algebraic and Graphic Solutions of
Trigonometric Equations.
Detailed Solutions !
Color Coded System !!!
135 KB
Algebra-Teacher - NEW Edition !!!

Integers ,Order of Operations,
Operations with Algebraic Expressions ,
Formulas ,Factorization, Substitutions ,
Signed Numbers , Linear and Quadratic Equations,
Integer and Rational Exponents ,
Integer and Rational Exponential Equations,
Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions
Color Coded System !!!
1.18 M.B.
Diophantine Equations -NEW !!
Solutions of Linear Diophantine Equations.
The Program explains clearly whenever a Solution
is impossible !!
Color Coded System !
Maximum Calculation Time for Pentium-3 : 30 Seconds.
Maximum Value for Coefficients : 1500 Absolute Value.
110 K.B.
General Equations of the Second Degree -NEW !!
Solutions of Implicit Second Degree Equations.
Enjoy this wonderful Program , rotating Ellipses,Parabolas
and Hyperbolas !!Enter an Implicit Second Degree Equation
and the Program will draw the specific Curve (Line,Parabola
Circle, Ellipse or Hyperbola)
The Program will teach you how to analyse an Implicit Second
Degree Equation and detect the Curve !!
Highly recommended for High School Students !!!
Color Coded System !
110 K.B.
Probability and Combinatorics -NEW !!
Many Problems with detailed Solutions.
The Program is Color Coded for easy Reading !
487 K.B.
Program "Lili - Marlene"..NEW Edition!!
Linear Motion Problems (Oscillations);
Graphic and Algebraic Solutions of Motion Problems;
Integer Solutions of Linear Equations;
General Solutions of Arithmetic Progressions;
Includes a "Meeting Calculator"
This is a wonderful Class Project for Ages 9 - 12
for Advanced Motion Problems !!!
Many solved Exercises !!
Color Coded System.
420 K.B.
Program "Lili - Marlene - Cross"
This Program generates interesting Number Sequences.
The Student will learn how to work with Number Sequences.
This is much more than working with Equations !
Lili generates one Sequence and Marlene the second Sequence.
The Common Members of these Sequences is a third Sequence:
This is the Sequence of Meeting Times for Lili and Marlene.
The Meeting - Calculator in this Program will help you
to calculate the Sequences .
Color Coded System to help your Memory !!!
Some Computers may NOT have enough "Working Memory"
to activate the Meeting Calculator from the List!
In this case you simply double-click the Program
"Neron17.exe" in your Folder "Mona8".
535 K.B.
Program "Billiard"..NEW !!
Two Billiard Balls are rolling on a Billiard Table.
With each Collision different Sounds are played.
You may change the Ball to a Smiling Face or Heart !!
Velocities are controlled by a "Random Function".
Sometimes wild Oscillations occur !!
Number of Collisions are counted by the Computer.
Enjoy the Program !!
23 K.B.
Program "Collisions"..NEW !!
The Police chases after the "Bandit"
who tries to escape from the High-Way !!
These are Linear Motion Problems with difficult Solutions !
Help the Police by calculating the correct Angle
to catch the Bandit !!!
Graphic and Algebraic Solutions;
Many solved Exercises !!
Detailed Explanations !!!
Color Coded System.
83 K.B.
Program "Susi" ..NEW !!
Prime Factor Analysis ; Greatest Common Factor;
Lowest Common Multiple; Longmultiplication
and Longdivision (100 Digits !!!).
Color Coded System.
126 K.B.
***** Space Draw - Editor *******
Editor for Teachers and Students.
Draws Lines , Parabolas, Hyperbolas
Sine, Cosine and Tangent Functions.
Draws 3-D Mathematical Functions.
Over 300 Examples recorded !!
You may add and change our Texts
appearing in our Programs!
Easy to operate !!
189 KB
The Rocket Game - NEW !!
Shoot down the Enemy-Rocket ,
trying to destroy your Home Town !!
This exciting Game teaches you
the important Formulas in Physics :
"Projection at an Angle" !!
Detailed Proofs of many Formulas !!
Many solved Problems !
Shooting forward , vertically upward and backwards !!
Shooting "backwards in Time" is :
NO Problem for us !!!!
Ground and Underground Explosions !!!
Shoot deep into the Ground !!!
Your Computer will calculate the correct Angle
to destroy the Enemy Rocket !!
Excellent Graphics by "Color Mathematics"!
A highly Educational and Scientific Game !!
178 KB
Polynomial Teacher :
Factorization of Polynomials .
Solution of Equations.
"College Algebra"
(1) Matrix Calculator
(2) Download "Winplot" ...
an excellent Graphing Program !!!
Dos-Box for Windows - 7
Please download from this Link !
You need the Dosbox to run our Programs
Install the Dosbox , copy it to our Files
drag the Ago.bat File on top of the DOSBOX
and release the Mouse !
This Procedure runs all our Programs perfectly!!!
If the Drawing is too slow - hit F12 !!
This makes it run faster .
You may also change the Speed in the Dosbox-Option- File
to cyles=20000 (instead of core=auto,write core=normal).
Many Thanks to the Dosbox-Team !!!
1700 KB
Your Private Phone Directory
Quick Search System !
331 KB

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